Wood house – a durable and flexible construction

Building a wood houses are comfortable and healthy. The natural raw material is highly esteemed in construction and it looks good. Anyone who builds a wood house today can rest assured that they have the same level of quality and safety as a solid construction building.Text zu Holzhaus

A wood house is something special: No other building material creates such a warm atmosphere and such a naturally healthy living environment. The climate houses offered by Swisshaus are breathable buildings. This means that humidity is regulated naturally. “AktivKlimaTech” is the name of the cutting-edge construction technology that has been developed together with universities and experts. Wood is a sustainable raw material that enables eco-friendly building.

Wood houses are quick to build

Wood is a popular building material because of its elasticity, formability and its high load-bearing capacity. It can be used for innovative and contemporary building solutions. And construction time is shorter, thanks to the well thought-out climate house element technique. Precise planning beforehand is important. Then the wooden elements can be prefabricated in the production hall and installed in one to two days.

Safety and good insulation

Our modern wood houses have good fire behaviour and fulfil all of the fire protection regulations. Their weather resistance and long-term durability are also excellent. The comparatively thin walls achieve outstandingly high insulation values: in the summer the heat stays outside, and in winter the warmth is retained inside. And there’s no need to worry about sound insulation either. You want to build a wood house in Switzerland? Then we’re your ideal partner.